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本文摘要:We may have underestimated Apple Inc.s (AAPL) progress in China.“我们有可能高估了苹果公司(Apple Inc.)在中国的较慢发展。

We may have underestimated Apple Inc.s (AAPL) progress in China.“我们有可能高估了苹果公司(Apple Inc.)在中国的较慢发展。”So begins a story in the International Business TimesFriday reporting on the numbers in the first attached chart.《国际财经时报》(International Business Times)上周五在报导上图中的数字时这样写到。

They come from an Upstream survey of 4,505 smartphone customers in five emerging markets in which respondents were asked what brand they hoped to buy next. Apple edged out Samsung 32% to 29% overall. The gap was considerably wider in China, where 42% said they wanted their next phone to be an iPhone.这张图表来自Upstream对五个新兴市场的4,505名智能手机用户的调查,调查内容是受访者期望出售的下一部手机是什么品牌。总体而言,32%的受访者期望出售苹果产品,低于三星的29%。这个差距在中国展现出得更加显著,42%的受访者回应下一部手机想买iPhone。

How can this be? Apples share of smartphone sales in China last quarter, according to IDC, was a slim 7%.怎么会这样?IDC的数据表明,上个季度,苹果手机仅有占到中国智能手机销量的7%。Theres a clue to what may be happening in a second study released last week by Xerox (XRX) WDS subsidiary that measured something Im calling brand magnetism.上上周公布的第二份研究报告来自于施乐(Xerox)子公司WDS,它也许能获取一些线索,有助大家理解市场正在再次发生的情况;报告取决于的是我称作品牌磁性的东西。

As part of a study of customer loyalty, WDS researchers surveyed 3,000 smartphone customers in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Fully 76% of iPhone owners said they were sticking with Apple. Samsung came in second at 58%. No other smartphone manufacturer managed to break 40%.作为客户忠诚度研究的一部分内容,WDS研究人员对美国、英国和澳大利亚的3,000位智能手机用户展开了调查。76%的iPhone用户回应,他们将之后用于苹果手机。

三星分列在第二位,为58%。没其他任何一家智能手机生产商多达40%。By contrast, Samsung was the favorite choice of switchers. Among customers who were switching smartphone brands or coming from a feature phone, 34% bought Samsungs vs. 24% Apple iPhones.相比之下,三星是“换品牌手机用户”注目的品牌。在替换智能手机品牌或从功能性手机转而用于智能手机的客户中,34%的人买了三星手机,低于苹果iPhone的24%。

This metric speaks a lot to the marketing might of Samsung, said WDSs Tim Deluca-Smith. The company has been very successful in developing solid relationships with almost every mobile operator on the planet and then building devices to a variety of price-points. This exposes the Samsung portfolio to an enormous base of potential customers.“这个指标十分能解释三星强劲的营销能力,”WDS的蒂姆德鲁卡-史密斯说道。“这家公司完全与全球每家移动运营商都创建了巩固的关系,打造出了各种价格区间的设备。它使得三星产品组合的潜在客户群十分可观。”That sounds like Samsung.听得一起很像三星。

An earlier consumer retention study by Consumer Research Intelligence Partners found that among people who switched smartphone brands, Apple was able to take three times as many Samsung customers (33%) as Samsung was able to steal from Apple (11%)消费者情报研究机构Consumer Research Intelligence Partners早些时候展开的一项调查找到,替换智能手机品牌的用户中,苹果夺得三星用户的比例(33%)是三星夺得苹果用户比例(11%)的三倍。One more data point. The Upsteam survey found that although nearly a third of customers in the developing world covet the iPhone, they download their apps and other content from Google (GOOG) Play (40%) or directly from their mobile operator (26%). Only 28% are currently using Apples App Store -- although judging from Upstreams litany of complaints, that could change:另外还有一个数据。Upstream的调查找到,尽管近1/3的发展中国家用户渴求享有iPhone,但他们不会从谷歌(Google)的Google Play (40%)或必要从移动运营商(26%)那里iTunes应用软件和其他内容。

仅有28%的人在用于苹果的应用软件商店App Store——从Upstream调查取得的客户滋扰来看,这种状况可能会再次发生转变:These [non-Apple] app stores are not without their frustrations. Results from the report show that the most prevalent app store problem experienced by emerging market consumers is the high level of promotional messages received (24%), suggesting that users are not amenable to in-app advertising. Furthermore the data revealed difficulty in navigating app stores to find downloadable content (24%) is another primary frustration. For example, 1 in 5 respondents point out that app stores have a lack of personalised suggestions (20%) and 1 in 10 (11%) say a major problem with current app stores options is the lack of payment methods offered when purchasing content. With many emerging market consumers not having access to credit cards, it will be the app stores that cater to all payment methods that will achieve widespread success.这些(非苹果)应用软件商店并不是没问题。这份报告的调查结果显示,新兴市场客户遇上的最广泛的应用软件商店问题是无孔不入的推展信息(24%),指出用户不愿拒绝接受应用软件内置广告。此外,这个数据也说明了出有在应用软件商店中找寻可iTunes内容的艰难(24%),这是另一件让人失望的事情。

比如,每5位受访者中就有一位(20%)认为,应用软件商店缺少个性化建议;每10位受访者中就有一位(11%)认为,现有应用软件商店的一个主要问题是出售内容时的缴纳方式受限。由于很多新兴市场消费者没信用卡,能获取所有缴付方式的应用软件商店将取得仅次于范围的顺利。Catering to all price points and payment methods is not exactly Apples forte.顺应所有的价格区间和缴付方式,这些显然不是苹果的特长。





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